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Athabasca Swatches for Hospital curtains, cubicle curtains, privacy curtains fabric These safety system are intended to reduce the risk of self-inflicted harm in cubicle situations. In order to work properly, it must be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions. Failure to do so will reduce its effectiveness.

Product Information
• A sturdy, heavy duty ceiling mounted cubicle track

• Unique safety gliders are designed to separate from profile when a specific
weight is applied (4-6kg)

• Blue pilot glider, supplied for leading edge of curtain, is designed to separate at a higher weight (8-10kg) as more pressure is applied here when curtains are operated

• If gliders are pulled out of the profile, they can easily be clicked back into the profile

• Additional and/or replacement gliders can simply be clicked into the profile

Particularly suitable for:
• Psychiatric Hospitals
• Detension Centers
• Single hanger incorporates a frictionbased joint which will progressively separate at known figures and loads.

• Separtion of single hanger is at track level for easy replacement

• After a fail-safe incident the track is simply replaced by pushing it back into the hangers and brackets

• Progressive separation of the device acts as a warning and reduces incidences of separation through over heavy handling of curtains, etc.

• The unique wall support is designed to take lateral and vertical downward pressure without causing damage to the support

• The wall brackets allow bed returns,etc., to be included in the design to meet layout specifications

• A detachable connecting bridge reduces the risk of the "domino effect" where one collapsing cubicle brings down attached systems
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