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Athabasca Swatches for Hospital curtains, cubicle curtains, privacy curtains fabric • Standard Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Track System
• Heavy-Duty Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Track System
• Suspended Cubicle Track System
• Hand Drawn Curtain Track System

Product Information
• For nearly 40 years the most widely-used hospital cubicle system in the world. Also used for many varied industrial and commercial applications
• Attractive profile combines mechanical strength and flexibility with the smoothest performance
• The design detail gives rigidity and strength with great flexibility in layout whilst achieving a clean unbroken line in hospital wards
• The top channel maximises connection positions and suspension variations. The dust cover strip reduces the risk of cross infection• Standard colour silver

Standard Cubicle Track System
A light weight, yet efficient ceiling mounted cubicle track. Particularly suitable for:
• Hospitals, Nursing Homes
• Psychiatric Hospitals
• First Aid Rooms
• Doctor's Practices
• 5 Year Limited Warranty

Hand Track systems

a medium duty hand drawndrapery track

Particularly suitable for:
• Homes / Apartments
• Offices
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• 5 YearLimited Warranty

Typical Track system Layouts for 1 & 2 Beds/Room

Typical Track system Room Layout
Typical layouts for hospitals, clinics, etc.
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